Announcing the addition of Cytek® Aurora technology to our available instrumentation

FCSL is proud to announce the addition of Cytek® Aurora instrumentation to expand our antibody panel configurations to 15+ colors.  These expanded panels are available for use on exploratory projects.  Please inquire for more details.

Since the introduction of the first fluorescence-based flow cytometers, the maximum number of markers that can be simultaneously measured on cells of interest has progressively increased. These improvements can be attributed to parallel advancement in hardware technology and fluorochrome chemistry to fill the gaps in visible spectra as well as in the ultraviolet, near-ultraviolet and near-infrared regions.  Together, the advances in new more sophisticated cytometers and new fluorochrome developments continue to enable multiparametric flow cytometry capabilities.

Spectral flow cytometry uses multiple detectors to capture the full spectrum emission of every fluorochrome across each laser used in the system, allowing for increased resolution and sensitivity. In addition, fluorochromes that have similar emission maxima, but different off-peak spectra can be differentiated using the unmixing algorithms allowing resolution of closely overlapping fluorochromes that would be otherwise indistinguishable by conventional flow cytometry.  Increasing these parameters has the potential to provide deeper characterization of immune cells and subsets, leading to improved biomarker discovery.