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Our breadth of experience ranges from standard immunophenotyping to flow cytometry assays for elucidation of intracellular markers. We also have the ability to customize our antibody panels to meet our client’s specific needs. Please inquire to start the scientific discussion.

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Receptor Occupancy

Flow cytometry can be a powerful tool for the evaluation of Receptor Occupancy (RO) to provide an assessment of the therapeutic binding to the target receptor. This can be evaluated using direct or indirect methods. Please inquire to start the scientific discussion.

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Functional Assays

We have full service cell culture capabilities to demonstrate whether or not a cell has the capacity of performing certain functions. Currently we have assays to evaluate Natural Killer Cell functional and a Basophil Activation Test (BAT). Please inquire to start the scientific discussion.

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Flow Contract Site Laboratory, LLC has been accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) for Immunophenotyping human common lymphocyte subsets. Please click here to see our Test Menu for CLIA.

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Welcome To Flow Contract Site Laboratory

We provide flow cytometry testing services in support of clinical trials, nonclinical studies, toxicology assessments, research and development and the evaluation of flow cytometric products.

We pride ourselves on the ability to customize any flow cytometry assay to meet our client’s needs. We also have extensive experience in data collection and analysis utilizing both straight-forward and complex gating strategies.

While we specialize in assay development and customization, we also welcome routine flow cytometry projects such as standard surface immunophenotyping.

We have analyzed samples from all over the world.

Latest News

    Happy Birthday FCSL

    Flow Contract Site Laboratory (FCSL) is turning 9! Founded by Lynette Brown and Jennifer J Stewart in 2009, FCSL has spent the last 9 years striving for excellence. We boast personalized customer service, comprehensive reporting, and turn-around time that have no equal. We have experienced major growth and have relocated twice within the last couple of years. (more…)

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