FCSL Is A Certified Women Owned Business

More women are working outside of the home than ever. While women make up 47% of all US jobs, they only make up a small percentage of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) jobs. However, this is not because fewer women possess a college education; a little more than half of college educated workers are female, but only 25% of college educated women are in a STEM field.

Flow Contract Site Laboratory (FCSL) is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a woman-owned, operated, and controlled business in a STEM field.  As a contract flow lab, FCSL specializes in immunophenotyping of both human and animal specimens, also we use flow cytometry to analyze lymphocyte subsets and receptor occupancy assays as part of the flow cytometry services we offer clients. With our technology we generate large data sets that require complex calculations of population statistics and distributions. Our cytometers employ sophisticated laser optics to measure the excitation and emission of the fluorophores that produce data for our samples, creating elaborate outputs. In addition, our technology uses a high pressure fluidics system and hydrodynamic focusing allowing the measurement of single cells in multi cell populations.

FCSL is a contract flow lab that provides high throughput and high capacity flow cytometry services, running multiple flow cytometers with up to 10 color antibody panels daily.  We are proficient in processing a multitude of specimen types including whole blood, frozen PBMCs along with cell culture and tissue processing capabilities. Our flexibility in handling so many specimen types allow for the support of a wide range of flow cytometry assays including: immunophenotyping/lymphocyte subset analysis, receptor occupancy, functional assays and cell viability/apoptosis measurements.

FCSL is proud to be a woman-owned business, especially in the STEM fields, and we encourage and support everyone in STEM.

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