Our breadth of experience ranges from standard immunophenotyping to flow cytometry assays for elucidation of intracellular markers. We also have the ability to customize our antibody panels to meet our client’s specific needs. Please inquire to start the scientific discussion.

At Flow Contact Site Laboratory, LLC we offer a variety of panels for immunophenotyping of lymphocyte subsets and other immune cell subsets for both preclinical and clinical studies.

Immunophenotyping is a technique to analyze the immune cell subsets by detecting proteins expressed on the surface or within the cell (intracellular) using antigen specific antibodies. In order to classify the cell types of interest, detecting multiple antigens on the cells is often necessary. To complicate things further, many of these markers are expressed on more than one cell type but there are some antigens which are more specific and are found only on certain cells. Drawing a on the wealth of knowledge found in the literature, combinations of antigen-specific antibodies which are tagged with different fluorochromes can be put together to design antibody panels for the identification of specific immune cell subsets.

The labeled cells can then be acquired on a flow cytometer, a laser-based instrument capable of analyzing single cells within a fluidic stream as they pass through the excitation wavelengths and detectors. As a result, immunophenotyping using multi-color flow cytometry has become one of the most powerful techniques for profiling immune cell subsets within complex populations such as peripheral blood and tissue/tumor samples. Our instrumentation allows up to 10 parameters to be measured in a single tube and our analysis software utilizes complex gating strategies for narrowing specific lymphocyte subsets from the larger pool of cell types present in the sample. Significant information can be gained by identifying these cellular subsets and monitoring the impact of a given treatment on the distribution of these immune cell subsets.

We offer immunophenotyping services on a wide range of samples from whole blood, frozen PBMCs, spleen, bone marrow, lymph node, liver and tumor samples. We can evaluate specific lymphocyte subsets in human, rodent (rat/mice), NHP and dog specimens. Some examples of our immunophenotyping of specific lymphocyte subsets in various species are shown below.


Human T cells, NK Cells

NHP TBNK cells

T Regulatory Cells

Intracellular Staining of FoxP3

Surface Staining of CD25+CD127low

T Memory, Naïve and Effector Cells

T cell activation/proliferation

Humanized Mice Testing

Humanized mice sample tested with humanCD45, mouseCD45, human CD3, humanCD4, humanCD8