Introducing Darcey L. Clark

Flow Contract Site Laboratory (FCSL) would like to introduce Darcey L. Clark as an addition to our staff as our Chief Scientific Officer. Darcey L. Clark is a senior biotechnology professional with 20+ years of experience in non-clinical drug development (large and small molecule).  She is board-certified in Toxicology, with a specialization in immunotoxicology.  She is a member of the Society of Toxicology (SOT) and the American College of Toxicology (ACT).   Darcey began her career as a staff scientist in the preclinical department at ICOS Corporation where she focused on pharmacology models and translational biomarkers.    ICOS is where she first learned flow cytometry and its many applications to the drug development process.     She subsequently joined Amgen, where she was a senior scientist in the Comparative Biology and Safety Sciences (CBSS) department, and applied flow cytometry to immunotoxicology, issue resolution investigations, Immunophenotyping, HTS-flow-based screening assays, and biomarker assay development.  Prior to joining FCSL, Darcey worked as Principal Scientist with the La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company.    Darcey is a Pacific Northwest native and a University of Washington alumna (Go Dawgs!).