The quality of water has serious effects on humans. We don’t go out into the forest and drink from steams for fear of bacteria from a host of sources. Drinking bad water can make someone violently ill; we boil it, filter it, treat it with ozone, and subject it to UV radiation to make it […]

Flow Contract Site Laboratory now has TWO 10 color cytometers! They have been validated and are now in use in our laboratory. Our previous max color cytometer was up to 8 colors, meaning now we can analyze cells with two more markers. These 10 color cytometers allow for more complex antibody panel design and can […]

  When considering the applications of flow cytometry, many people think of immunophenotyping. This widespread technique involves labeling cells with fluorescent antibodies specific to certain cell types, and then identifying the relative size of cell populations in a sample by measuring the intensity of fluorescence. While this is useful in immunology, flow cytometry is capable […]

Introduction Flow cytometry assays are widely used to evaluate Pharmacodynamic (PD) effects of molecules during all phases of drug development.  Specimens for flow cytometry analysis are collected throughout the course of a study and often shipped to a central location for testing.  Testing at a central location mitigates variability resulting from differences in instrumentation, reagents, […]